Kozē: Inflatable Chair

It’s always a hassle when camping on the beach or having a picnic in the park to find a comfortable spot to sit with your friends and hang around. Not every campsite is hammock-friendly, not every beach has available loungers, and not every picnic spot has enough benches or tables to claim. Combine that with the fact that carrying lawn chairs adds an awkward weight and takes up quite a bit of trunk space, and you’ve got yourself a tiring adventure on what should have been a relaxing day. With Made in College’s Kozē inflatable chair, everyone can relax no matter the place. jun122016_koze_o Kozē is an inflatable chair; however, instead of being made out of sticky and constricting plastic, it’s made out a high quality parachute fabric that withstands the elements. Whether on grass, sand, twigs, or dirt, this inflatable chair will keep you comfortable. It’s also shaped like an oval so it can be used to lay on, similar to a hammock. What makes Kozē so unique is how simple it is to use. One side of the inflatable chair has an opening, and all you need to do is give it a wave, similar to catching air in a plastic bag. In seconds the Kozē inflates.  Simply close up the side, and it’s ready to use. Clean up is just as easy. Open up the side once more and it deflates so that you can roll it up and put it back in its bag, taking up the same room as a sleeping bag. image Kozē can inflate to up to six feet long, weighs less than two pounds, and can hold up to 400lbs. This is a great product for anyone who’s looking for comfort on the go, be it on a camping trip, at the beach, or even just during a sleepover. Use it as a chair, a hammock, or an inflatable bed. Anywhere you go, you’re sure to be cozy. image

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