Koi: Folding Deck Chair

The Koi folding deck chair is built to solve two essential issues that people have with chaise lounges: their weight and their tendency to tip over. Koi solves these problems by being lightweight and foldable, while also being extremely sturdy. Koi-Folding-Deck-Chair-01 Creators Sascha Akkermann and Flo Florian, under the company name Confused-Direction, have created the deck chair entirely out of one sheet of polypropylene, meaning that it can be completely recycled. Talk about sustainable! It took its creators a few tries to make the perfect product, as they first started with wood and moved on to recycled tarpuline, which turned out to respectively be too big and too expensive. Koi-Folding-Deck-Chair-03 Easily portable, Koi is also perfect for the beach!

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