Kodama Zome Hanging Lounger

Kodama Zome, it’s a unique word, to fit this unique product. The makers of the Zome described this product using just one word and that is “comfort.” The Kodama Zome is a hanging lounger/swing that combines art, structure, and comfort in the most luxurious way.

Just visually, this lounger calls your mane and makes you want to get lost in a cloud of comfort as you enjoy those lazy summer evenings, swinging and watching the sun fade.

The hanging loungers are geodesic domes and zonohedral polygons. It’s a mouthful, but essentially these shapes are found in natural geometry and the name “Zome” means “zonohedral and dome.” It doesn’t really matter if you have no knowledge in natural geometry, what matters is enjoying the product. This Zome is not like a traditional swing or lounger, and, for one, it’s the unique shape of the product that makes it stand out.

The lounger hangs from one overhead point, making for a smoother flow of motion and your swing more enjoyable. The Zome is also big enough to comfortably fit four adults. Using a steel frame structure and outdoor polyester webbing, the Zome (including its comfortable cushions) is built to withstand the outdoor elements. The cushions are produced to custom fit the Zome and are made from high density foam and outdoor fabrics by Sunbrella. The length of the swing can range from one to eight feet and can even be hung from trees.

The Zome is a comfortable and durable lounger that you can use to fully experience relaxation. It’s definitely a wonderful and aesthetic addition to your outdoor space. Fit for children and adults, this lounger is a true definition of family fun.

The design and construction of this product makes it a great artistic piece to your space, providing you with utmost relaxation and comfort. For more information, click here.

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