Kodai Japanese Cypress Cutting Board

This is no ordinary wood cutting board as it is made of Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) which has many characteristics one would look for in a functional and durable cutting board. Hinoki has anti-stain and antibacterial properties, which are generally big concerns with wood and plastic cutting boards.  It is also a lower density wood (approx. 0.019 lb/in3) as compared to a typical cutting board material such as Hard Rock Maple (approx. 0.025 lb/in3).  This means, at the same size, the Kodai Cypress cutting board is 25% (approx. 1lb) lighter than the typical Hard Rock Maple cutting boards.  This allows it to be much more portable and easier to rinse off when bending over the sink. As expected, this lower density wood is also softer which means that it will protect the edge of your blade when cutting allowing you to keep your edge sharp for a much longer period of time. All in all, Japanese Cypress is a wood that has been used as cutting boards for centuries (including the experts that manufacture the best knives in the world), suggesting that it has already lasted the test of time.  Did I also mention it is known to have a calming citrus scent to it? Unfortunately, it won’t chop your vegetables for you 🙂 These cutting boards are now on the IPPINKA store!

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