Knitted: Unique iD Light Fixtures

The Knitted iD Lights are a true combination of a traditional handcrafted design mixed with technology. They were created by a three person team consisting of Oded Sapir, Ariel Zuckerman and Adva Bruner. Knitted-Lamp-01 The series consists of colorful floor balls and handing pendants. The collaborative project of Israeli designers Ariel Zuckerman and Oded Sapir generated from simple 3D textile sheets, that provide the case for the light-bulbs. Adding beauty and craft to the structure, designer Adva Bruner joined in and applied together both industrial and manual crochet knitting, resulting in a simple yet stylish series. Knitted-Lamp-02 The clever yet simple design makes these lamps easy to carry around. The bulbous shape draped in the knitted, colourful wool gives the light an organic look. A look and style that both grandmothers and design-obsessed young adults can appreciate. Knitted-Lamp-03 Fashionable yet traditional, these attractive lamps are sure to add comfort to any space. Knitted-Lamp-04

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