Knister: Portable Summertime Grill

Without a good barbecue, summer just wouldn’t feel the same. It is already difficult to plan a barbecue, but add the additional factors of living in the city or not having a grill and the task seems almost impossible! The Knister grill offers the perfect solution for city people who want to enjoy a good BBQ. The Knister is a portable grill that is perfect for day trips, traveling, and city people who don’t have access to a regular BBQ grill. The Knister is a compact grill that allows you to attach it onto any bike. This attachment makes the grill portable, and easy to travel with. The hook attachment is not permanent and is compatible with most bicycle handles. Instead of having a separate container to hold all of your food, the grill actually transforms into a functional basket to store your food during travel. The Knister grill comes with a personal coal pack. The cool part of the coal pack is that the packaging is repurposed for function instead of just being waste. The bag that the coal comes can be used as an igniter that you can light to heat up the coals.  Once you are done the grilling, the two grills slide to create a closed lid to protect any debris from flying out while traveling. It is even dishwasher safe so you don’t need to go through the hassle of scrubbing down a heavy duty grill. The inventors of the Knister designed this product to be extremely efficient, compact, portable, and easy to use. It is perfectly designed to keep all the fun elements of a barbecue while eliminating the hassle of finding a grill, finding a place to grill, clean up, etc. With the Knister, the only issue you will have is thinking of what food you want to barbecue!  

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