KLÆR: Beautiful Leather Wooden Bind Chair

Wrapped up in a primarily consumerist movement, we, as a society, often forget to consider the integrity of the products that we buy.  A Belgian design studio, KLÆR seeks to remind customers about the importance of knowing where and how its products are created.  Founded by Jessy Van Durme in 2013, the inspiration behind products by KLÆR is to give designs a simple, clear appearance, while using as few materials as possible.  Everything from the label is made in Belgium using solely Belgian materials.  The Bind Chair is just one example of the beautiful, inspiring work that the studio does. bind_chair_02 Designed by Van Durme, this Bind Chair is constructed using a braiding technique called Rattan. The Rattan technique is a simple woven pattern that gives the chair its structural properties and creates a beautifully clean and minimalistic look. bind-chair-rattan-03 In regards to the Bind Chair, Jessy says she is “always taking into account a fair, simple construction, materials and a pure formality.” Sticking to the label’s mission and inspiration, the chair is produced with only two materials. A lightweight birch wood makes up the frame of the chair, and a natural pale pink saddle leather is made into strands and woven together using the Rattan technique to bind the product into one, beautiful chair.  Keeping to the theme of simplicity, rounded edges give the design its Nordic-inspired styling. bind-chair-04 Take a cue from Klaer’s brand, and consider where and how products are made.  The Bind Chair is a true testament to the fact that a few, simple materials can be used to make the most beautiful, clean design. klaer_bind_chair_01

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