Kjaro: The Self-Draining, No-Drip Umbrella

Umbrellas are great for keeping you dry when you’re in the rain, but can get you wet when you’re out of the rain; it’s ironic, really. Dripping umbrellas are a hassle, and the water that trickles down on to indoor tiles can make lobbies and hallways hazardous. Thankfully, an innovative new design, Kjaro, will keep the rain off of your floors. A no-drip umbrella, Kjaro aims to fix the most glaring problem with the centuries-old gadget: the mess it makes when you get inside. Kjaro-umbrella_02 Although the umbrella itself is nothing new, it is built with quality and usability in mind. The frame is made out of aluminum along with fiberglass ribs. The tips of the ribs are plastic and squared instead of rounded, making them safer. The umbrella is wind-resistant and features a magnetic closure, which is a great improvement over the standard Velcro. Furthermore, Kjaro comes with a clip and a strap for easy travelling, and comes in a variety of chic colours. Kjaro-umbrella_03 But it’s really the case that makes Kjaro a no-drip-umbrella. Made of a waterproof textile, the case has a zipper closure that runs the length of the case. The bottom of the case is a hard plastic drain that allows the product to stand upright on its own. After putting away the umbrella as soon as you’re inside, the excess water from the umbrella can be drained from the bottom of Kjaro by twisting the draining mechanism that allows water to leave the small holding tank inside. No more dripping indoors, just a controlled drain from the base of the umbrella case when you’re ready. Kjaro-umbrella_04 Kjaro is set to revolutionize the design of the umbrella. This no-drip umbrella had a successful Kickstarter campaign that recently ended in 2015, and is set to ship out the first batch of umbrellas December 2015. Vastly surpassing the €20, 000 goal with a whopping €89, 287 (approximately $133,307 CAN), Kjaro is ready to make a splash, or rather, keep the splash away. Video:

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