Kingii: The Smallest Personal Floatation Device in the World

Drowning deaths are largely preventable with a life vest, but many people venture out onto the water without one. It’s easy to pinpoint why. Life vests are bulky, hinder arm movement when swimming, and can be uncomfortable to wear. Tom Agapiades, the mind behind Kingii, wanted to create a floatation device that wouldn’t interfere with your activity, but could save your life in dangerous situations. He started an Indiegogo campaign for his design and achieved his crowdfunding goals. You can now get your hands on the smallest personal floatation device in the world! kingii_05 Kingii is worn on the wrist like a big black cuff. By simply pulling on the silver handle, a large orange balloon is inflated and it will pull your body to surface of the water. There’s a compass built into the device as well as a whistle to call for help. The device inflates using a one-time-use CO2 cartridge, which needs to be replaced every time Kingii is inflated. All other parts are reusable; the balloon deflates and folds back into its pouch for next time. kingii_04 What’s great about the design of this floatation device is the size and ease of use. The wrist clasp can fit almost any wrist, from kids to adults, and the release mechanism could not be easier. If Kingii is mass produced, this will give surfers, boaters, and swimmers a great option for water safety without the bulky and intrusive traditional life vest. Surf and fish with new confidence! This product is a trailblazer in safety design. Hopefully this will inspire more innovation in personal safety devices. kingii_03

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