Kile: Furniture with No Screws or Glue

Uniquely designed by Copenhagen-based Japanese designer Yukari Hotta, Kile furniture exemplifies modern simplicity and minimalism. kile-furniture-with-no-screws-or-glue-02 Kile is a practical, easy-to-assemble furniture system that can be built without the use of any tools or equipment – no nails, screws or glue needed. Simply lock the joints together with the provided wedge components. Its design speaks to simple yet stylish Nordic aesthetics. kile-furniture-with-no-screws-or-glue-03 Materials used for Kile are made from eco-labelled wood boards, with neat lines and a delicately colored flat pack design. Using just a few wooden boards and some colorful wedges, you can build yourself a shelf or coffee table within minutes. For small spaces, they work great as reusable temporary furniture that you pack away when not in use. kile-furniture-with-no-screws-or-glue-04 kile-furniture-with-no-screws-or-glue-05

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