Kiki: Toolbox Meets Key ring

Kiki is a multi-functional addition to every key ring – small, sleek, and practical. Almost everyone carries their keys around at all times, and most key ring additions only serve a single purpose. Kiki remedies this by offering 9 separate tools as a single product. This helps users escape the pitfalls of carrying around a chunky and awkward collection of keys by maintaining a concisely organized keyring. kiki-04 Small yet versatile, Kiki is cut from either stainless steel or titanium, ensuring quality and durability. Up to any task, it is perfect for the modern adventurer, craftsman, or even traveler! In fact, Kiki passes the 7-inch length restriction for tools allowed in carry-on luggage. kiki-02 The multi-functional nature of this design is certainly its strongest asset. This tiny strip of metal is essentially a miniature toolbox, working as a bottle opener, standard rule, metric rule, screwdriver, hex drive, spoke wrench, wire stripper, and large pry bar. kiki-05 While intended for key rings, Kiki can also be attached to zippers or tethered to backpacks. With a professional aesthetic in mind, it also offers the option of a stylistic leather sheath. If you’re interested in adding Kiki to your key ring, learn more by visiting their Kickstarter page!

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