KidRunner: Take Your Kids On A Jog

The three F’s of life – fitness, family, and fun – have never been easier with KidRunner. Created by Will Warne, Mauricio Mejia, and Andre Caradec from Bend, Oregon, KidRunner is an innovative stroller that brings jogging with kids to a whole new level. It’s difficult to find the time to get a good run in, even with the standard running stroller. Those strollers force the child in front of the runner and requires the runner to keep one or both hands on the handle at all times. This position puts strain on running form, causes back issues, and does little to work out the upper body. That problem is non-existent with KidRunner since the beauty of the design is not pushing the child but pulling them along behind you hands-free. kidrunner-take-your-kids-02 Think of a hands-free foot carriage. The ergonomic waist harness attached to the flex bow of the cockpit fits securely around the parent’s waist leaving their hands free to move along with their stride. The cockpit, made of advanced, lightweight yet strong composite materials including Kevlar and carbon fiber, offers a five-point harness system and wrap-around padding that ensures the child is strapped securely and safely. The low centre of gravity of the pit against the larger wheels gives the added bonus that the child’s ride is even more smoother and scenic than yours may be. Like any stroller, a removable screen is available to provide your child with shade and protection from heat and insects. kidrunner-take-your-kids-04 Pulling the child behind the runner rather than controlling the stroller from the front may seem unrealistic, especially when it comes to downhill running. Won’t the stroller speed up past the runner and injure both parties? The waist harness and flex bow prevent that as the harness sits snugly on the lower back, and the aerodynamic arch of the bow creates a buoyant tension, keeping both runner and child safe and a stable distance apart. Plus, the added benefit of having the parent in front of the child soothes them into knowing their parent isn’t too far away. kidrunner-take-your-kids-03 Admittedly KidRunner is a pretty penny compared to standard push strollers, but the benefits most definitely outweigh the cost. Aside from allowing form, the design of KidRunner makes it compatible for cyclists and even skiers. Your child can trail behind you on a bike path or glide along down a slope. Eventually KidRunner will even expand to a two-children cockpit, adding to its single one that currently holds children from 6 months to 4 years old, roughly 12-40 lbs. Fitness has never been easier to share with your child, and KidRunner will easily help any new or expert runner make time for both family and fitness.

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