Keyport 2.0: Keychain Reinvented

While fumbling through keys can be a nice touch in a romance movie, but in reality it is seldom a good time when struggling to find your car keys in the cold, or just wanting to get into your house after a long day at work; it just does not have the same Hollywood appeal. You can avoid this unsavoury certainty by getting yourself a Keyport 2.0: keychain reinvented. The people at Keyport Inc. believe that access is more than just unlocking or locking a door. With their invention, they hope to make your life easier, period. The Keyport makes daily life easier. Able to consolidate up to six keys and/or attachments, the device combines form and function in a minimalist style. Most key types are supported (home, office, mail, padlock, auto, moto, etc.) and inserts include: a USB flash drive, mini-light, bottle opener, and more. Switching between different keys and attachments is quick and easy, needing only one hand to slide out your key or insert. Adding a new key requires a blank Blade that can be cut to your desired key shape at any appropriate duplicator. Available in black, white, and red bases with black accents, the Keyport leaves room for personalization. Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A. out of Ultem (premium-grade resin), the Keyport is made to last. Smaller than a box of Tic Tacs, the device can fit in the small “fifth pocket” of a pair of jeans. The device is also lightweight because of the removal of the key head. Never fear being stabbed in the leg or having your pants bunch uncomfortably. If you do not want to put the Keyport in your pocket, the spinner cap allows for attaching the device to a lanyard, fob, or car key. If you ever misplace your Keyport, there is a unique serial number to report to their customer service if discovered. There is no reason to not make your life easier with Keyport. Never waste your time fumbling with keys or missing a gadget again. To learn more check out their Kickstarter.

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