Kelopak Pendant Lamp

Looking for something new and eye-catching to add to your home? Revive your imagination with the Kelopak Pendant Lamp to add elegance and serenity to your environment! The Kelopak lamp makes for a visually stunning piece, and cleverly avoids taking up the entire room. From afar, this piece gives the impression of a perfectly asymmetrical figure- balanced, but not quite. Unlike most other lamps, this figure elicits “broken symmetry” while using an unexpected choice of materials to achieve this effect. Upon closer inspection, the pendant lamp is seen to be made of zippers! kelopak-6 The living room, dining room, or kitchen. With its flexible and easygoing design, the Kelopak Pendant Lamp is versatile enough to fit into any room in your home! The Kelopak lamp simply hangs from the ceiling and emits a warm, soft glow. It has all the abilities that a traditional lamp would have, but with additional unique details. kelopak-4 The lamp comes in two sizes to better suit the size or atmosphere of your room: 16x16x8″ or 26x26x13″. Make it more personal by choosing the best size for you. kelopak-8 Each lamp comes with a black metal canopy and a black 6-foot cord. The shades are machine-washable, making it quick and easy to keep everything clean. The Kelopak Pendant Lamp makes for a classy addition to any home. Reinvent your imagination and the definition of symmetry with something as simple as a lamp.

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