Kello: Innovative Sleep System

A new technology is available for people to sleep better and more effectively with just the press of a button. The Kello is an alarm clock that has more features than the average alarm clock. The features on the Kello simply give one more options to perform daily tasks that are believed to be necessary by most, aside from performing as an alarm clock. This includes turning on and off a coffee-maker, setting a bedroom temperature and that includes the air conditioning function, also working as a locating device for your smart phone and locking any smart devices. kello-1 The alarm clock is programmed with well-researched dialogue to help one sleep better. This dialogue varies and one can choose what is favorable for his or her needs. One program, the ‘Wake Up Earlier, Without The Struggle’, has the alarm shortened so one will not sleep through a snooze till the actual waking time. A program like this is good for beginners using the Kello because it slowly allows for the new adjustment of a better sleeping pattern. kello-2 Other programs include limiting the amounts of times one can snooze, following a breathing program, and the notification of bedtimes to ensure an ample amount of sleep. These are the ‘Less Snooze, More Mornings’, ‘Get to Sleep In Half The Time’, and ‘Stay In Sync With Yourself’. All of these programs have been created and implemented from established research, which gives the Kello excellent quality. kello-3 The Kello is also very highly technical. It uses an integrated speaker for sounds to be sharp. It comes with an app, has blue tooth connectivity, and has a USB port for all your smart devices. Not to mention it can dim and brighten. It comes in a variety of colors too. kello-4 The Kello is like no other in the market. It has multi-functional settings for a variety of purposes that will make one’s daily tasks just a simple touch away from him or her, and will be an enjoyable and very serving device. To find out more information go to its Indiegogo page.

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