Kefirko Cheese Maker

Kerfiko has created another dairy producing product yet again after the succession of its first one. The first one, a kefir milk/water making jar, is available for purchase on their website: Kefir is a fermented beverage that provides many health benefits, thus the probable reason for Kerfiko’s success in creating a kefir making jar. Now, dairy lovers have another choice that’s just as fresh and healthy as kefir is to eat. It’s cheese. Kerfiko created a cheese maker that requires funding on Kickstarter. Kerfiko’s Cheese Maker makes cheese from milk kefir. Preferably from Kerfiko’s kefir making jar as it would be fresh, and it does show to be a good kefir making product from its success. To use this cheese maker, pour in the milk kefir, cover with the lid, and finally place it in the refrigerator overnight. In just one night, this product will produce soft, creamy spreadable cheese. For a harder cheese, you need to keep it refrigerated longer. The process of solidification occurs because the excess liquid is drained out of the mesh leaving solids to solidify giving cheese. The liquid drained out is whey. Whey is an excellent source of protein, and the liquid whey extracted out could be used for baked good or drinks like juices or smoothies–the possibilities can be endless. With homemade cheese flavours of preference not usually market-ready can be made. Like an Italian seasoning mix of cream cheese or a cheesecake flavoured toast with cheese and cherry toppings. A food like cheese, where many dishes require it such as pizza, sandwiches, salads, will give way to new homemade recipes. Kerfiko’s Cheese Maker comes with a recipe book. Furthermore, Kerfiko also suggests using other additives to create other cheeses specific to it. In general, fresher foods are healthier, tastier and give us a sense of well-being. If there’s chance for that from eating cheese, then the Kerfiko Cheese Maker is the right product for it.

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