Keezel: Complete Online Freedom Worldwide

“Sorry, this content is not available in your region.” We’ve all been there; you go to watch a video online only to discover that you can’t because of a geographical licensing restrictions.  Fortunately, Aike Müller and Friso Schmid of Amsterdam have responded to our cries of frustration by creating Keezel.  In essence, it is a portable device that promises complete online freedom through increased privacy, security, and the ability to bypass geographic restrictions. keezel The device allows you to connect to any of its affiliated Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Having partnered with some of the best VPN providers around the world, Keezel has created an unparalleled worldwide network.  Regardless of your location, internet access is right at your fingertips so long as your device (no matter the brand) is Wi-Fi compatible, and you are within range of one of its countless VPNs. Simply turn on the product with the single button, and from there, your device can connect to Keezel’s Wi-Fi. keezel power button If you’re trying to bypass geographic restrictions, you are able to select what country sources perceive you are in.  You’ll no longer be limited by your location. keezel_03 (738x490) Added to that, Keezel promises increased online freedom and safety.  It’s no secret that as of late there have been growing concerns about online privacy and security.  Connecting to open, free Wi-Fi networks puts one at risk.  But with Keezel, your connection is automatically encrypted to put your mind at ease. The device itself comes at a cost of $89 USD, followed by an annual service fee of $60 USD for premium access to Keezel’s worldwide server network.  Having said that, the service fee is entirely optional; the product will still work on a basic level without the premium service, although speeds and connections will be limited. For your convenience, Keezel is able to work with multiple gadgets at once; connect your phone, tablet, and laptop all at the same time.  And if you find that your smartphone could use a little juice, Keezel’s battery is so powerful that it can be used to charge your device. keezel battery charge Evidently, online users have been eagerly awaiting a product like Keezel. (In just four days, Keezel met its crowdfunding goal, and has since raised over five times that goal.)  So quit waiting, and pick up your very own device so that you can enjoy safe online freedom wherever you are!

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