Keewifi Router: Simple, Secure, Powerful

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate responsibility of setting up and maintaining your own internet, you know that it’s harder than it looks, and far from fun.  From unreliable or spotty connections to forgotten passwords and unwanted piggy-backers, the whole ordeal can be quite stressful.  Fortunately, Beijing-based company Keewifi has designed the simple, secure, and powerful alternative. Keewifi router streamlines this confusing process. keewifi_05 (738x493) Setting up Keewifi’s router couldn’t be any simpler.  All you have to do is plug it in; there’s no awkward wiring, complicated switches, or anything of the kind. keewifi_03 (738x491) To establish a connection with Keewifi, simply bring your phone, tablet, or laptop to the router and tap it to authenticate the device.  From there, Keewifi’s network will appear under your device’s wi-fi options, and you’re good to go!  Not only does this eliminate the issue of mistyped passwords, or worse, forgotten passwords, it also ensures security.  Short of having an intruder in your home and tapping a device to authenticate with your Keewifi, it is practically impossible for unwelcome guests to piggyback off of your network. keewifi_02 (738x490) Keewifi is also composed of patented, enterprise-level hardware and software to provide users with a strong, stable, and fast signal throughout the area.  The router emits beams that are able to pinpoint exactly where a connected device is, and targets that location with its signal.  And if you find that perhaps your Keewifi isn’t working up to its usual stellar standard, troubleshooting is just as easy as everything else.  Keewifi has one single button on it: the Zen button.  Pressing it launches the router into an automatic process of attempting to diagnose and repair some of the most common network connection issues.  This way, Keewifi does the work, not you. The device also provides various other perks like the ability to extend your current router’s capabilities.  Keewifi offers an app that allows you to unlock and lock the router, limit usage, and manage (allow/forget/ban) users overall.  As an additional benefit, Keewifi’s simplicity also carries over to its aesthetic. With a sleek, modern design, this router is clearly meant to be proudly displayed anywhere instead of being tucked away in a dark corner. keewifi_04 (738x492) So do yourself a favour, and check out Keewifi for a stronger and faster wireless connection from a simpler and prettier router. Video: 

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