Kartell: Invisible Table

With the principle “less is more” in mind, designer Tokujin Yoshioka reinvented something that few could adjust — the table. He took design, function and minimalism into consideration while creating the invisible table with Kartell, which is made of a single piece of clear acrylic in multiple colors. Together, these aspects create a truly interesting piece that is to tie a room together with its transparency. The table itself is a perfect square with a leg on each corner, each aspect being completely see-through. This allows the table to be both a conversation piece and easy to overlook — if it’s meant to be noticed in the room, it will be noticed. If it’s meant to act as a functioning surface and nothing more, it will do just that. The product’s function completely depends on the user and their style, making it so much more than something to collect in your living room. For those interested in both interior design and philosophy, the invisible table is perfect. It specifically ties into Plato’s Theory of Forms, which states that something can be real whilst also being an idea of a real thing. The invisible table is what the user makes of it. If what the user is looking for is a clean-cut piece of furniture that is adaptable, sharp and well-made, it’s exactly that! In terms of design, the table is made in different shapes, sizes, colors and finishes to ensure complete satisfaction. Users can buy a matte or transparent version, depending on their preference, style and decor. If you’re interested in finding out more about the invisible table, read more at Kartell’s website.

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