Kangaroo Light: Fits In Your Bag

The Kangaroo Light is a multi-functional, flexible, and portable light source. Let’s face it: it’s hard to see in the dark and no matter how much your eyes adjust you will always run into something. How about trying to search for your keys or wallet in your dark purse? Well, thanks to the Kangaroo Light, you will be able to see anywhere and find anything in your bag. kangaroo-light-fits-in-your-bag-02 It was designed by Studio Banana Things. Studio Banana is a team of designers, architects, dreamers who have a passion for creativity. Together they created a fun, hexagonally-shaped light source for those dark moments in your life. kangaroo-light-fits-in-your-bag-03 The Kangaroo has a silicone exterior and 24 LED lights inside. The silicone is splash proof and easy to clean. The lights, on the other hand, bring the Kangaroo to life with the different mode settings. Besides on and off, the lights can illuminate in random flickering and pulsing; they can change intensity and activate via other fun modes. Its hexagonal shape allows it to be flexible so you can place it anywhere and roll it up for easy storage. It is equipped with a long lasting lithium-ion battery for non-stop lighting and it can be charged through a USB port. kangaroo-light-fits-in-your-bag-04 In addition, because of its size and flexibility, you can use it for more than just your bag. Place it in your baby’s crib for a night light, use it as a reading light or take it with you during camping. With so many possibilities, the Kangaroo can always bring light to your darkest moments.

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