Kangaroo Cup: Unbreakable and Spill-Proof Cup

Out of necessity and heartfelt concern, the Kangaroo Cup is an ingenious design from the bright young mind of 11-year old, Lily Born. Lily’s grandfather and his difficulty to easily manage a cup due to the effects of Parkinson’s disease prompted Lily to find a practical solution to help him. KangarooCup-01 The name of this cup is based on Lily’s knowledge of Kangaroos and how the animal uses its tail to balance when jumping or standing. The three-pronged handle is easy and comfortable to grasp and, like a kangaroo, will not tip over, even on unlevel surfaces. KangarooCup-04 The prototype was created as a ceramic cup that proves to be very effective and aesthetically pleasing. Stackable and without the need of a coaster, the cup is uncommonly simple and organic. KangarooCup-03 The BPA-free version of the Kangaroo cup addresses any durability issues and maintains the charm and functionality of its predecessor. It is an excellent transitioning tool for children from a sippy cup to a glass cup. Both the ceramic and the BPA version of the Kangaroo hold hot and cold beverages. KangarooCup-05 The Kangaroo Cup not only provides lessons in design development through a child’s vision but also brings a wider, more valuable awareness of Parkinson’s disease in our ageing population.

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