Kaiwa Table by Autonomous Furniture

Designer Kirk Van Ludwig created Kaiwa with the intention of creating equality at the dinner table. Oftentimes, conversations become skewed because of the awkward placement of diners on the end. Kaiwa changes that with its carefully placed angles that promote a more inclusive seating arrangement. The word Kaiwa is even translated to “conversation” in Japanese, though the piece itself is sure to attract many comments. The table, made of the user’s preference of wood, size, and natural or torched finish, is then coated in natural hard wax oil. To connect the tabletop to the geometric legs, a clear acrylic standoff is used, which adds an interesting and light touch to the piece. The six, rather than four, edges of the table are sure to draw attention to the dining room. Autonomous Furniture, the company behind Kaiwa, aims to bring drama to the modern home with beautifully crafted wooden furniture. It manages to be both current and sophisticated with careful thought being put into each designed piece. If you’re interested in making your dinner parties livelier and full of conversation, check out Kaiwa at Autonomous Furniture.

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