KAIAO Lights

Looking for furniture that is perfect for your living space can be hard, especially if you have a distinctive sense of style. Most of the time, people opt with just a plain lamp with a white lampshade, but why do that when you can add a bit of fun to your lamps. KAIAO has created a new product to brighten up your living space. This innovative light and lampshade allows users to customize the look of the lamp to appeal to individual taste, aesthetic, surroundings, and personal style. The unique design of this lamp lets you choose from 17 lampshade patterns designed by KAIAO. You’re also able to create your own design that reflects your personal style. They offer three different types of lamps; a table lamp, a floor lamp, and a pendant lamp. KAIAO has designed the lamp to make building it as simple as can be. The lamps are simple to put together, all you need to do is follow the instructions provided. To create the lampshades, simply print the design onto paper, cut the paper using the provided template, fold and attach the paper to the 3D printed holder, and secure the paper with paperclips. The founders of KAIAO, Nicole Bussmann and Andreas Bhend, are both passionate about architecture, design, and innovation. With Nicole’s love for architecture and Andreas’ background in engineering, the two come together in harmony to create this creative and customizable lighting suited for all different style preferences. The DIY aspect of this project is simple enough so that everyone can make the lampshade. The colourful panels illuminate and spice up your living space. There are endless possibilities that are generated from this one lamp.

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