Kaddur Lounge Chair: Relax In A Pod

The Luxurious Modway Kaddur Lounge Chair is stylish, modern, and classic in design. This retro lounge chair is made to look like a space-age pod that is beautiful and contemporary enough to attract your attention. Modway-Kaddur-Lounge-chair-001 The exterior is a sleek molded fiberglass shell, and a matching fiberglass base with an integrated swivel mechanism. The sleek, simple interior is made from poly/cotton and features plush cushions with clean lines. Modway-Kaddur-Lounge-chair-002 Besides providing an ultra comfortable experience, this lounge chair will update the look of any dull interior or corner. The chair also gives the user a cozy feeling, along with a sense of privacy while relaxing on the inviting cushions. Modway-Kaddur-Lounge-chair-003 Available in a wide and vibrant selection of colours to choose from, such as: Black-on-Black, White, Blue, Red, Black, Green, Pink, Orange Green, Orange.The dimensions of these chairs are 42W x 29D x 48H in. and weight 107 lbs. Modway-Kaddur-Lounge-chair-004 Scratch and chip resistant, these pods are highly adaptable and can gel easily with their surroundings, home and office alike. The design reflects a distinct fresh appeal and an elegant look, just perfect to enhance your décor in a luxurious and modern style. Modway-Kaddur-Lounge-chair-005

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