KableCard: The Multi-Functionable Cable Device

As tech-savvy people on the go, we have a lot of cables for charging our various devices. We’ve got different kinds of ports for both our Apple products and other USB port devices, which turns into a lot of cables to carry around all at once. That tends to be a problem if we want to keep our daily cargo light. So really, how many cables should one carry to appease all those different devices? According to KableCARD, we only need a total of six essential cables. Even so, that’s still a lot when you consider having to keep all of those long wires from intertwining with each other! KableCARD is the carry-all for all our cable needs. It is a compact card that integrates all the essential and most frequently used cable connectors; a near 1 foot Type C base cable with 3 types of adapters equalling 6 different types of cables. It sounds like a quite a lot but rest assured that the design is as sleek and light as your credit card, with a thickness of only 0.3″ inches! Additionally, when it’s plugged into any power source you can use the KableCARD to wirelessly charge your devices. The KableCARD keeps everything neat and tidy to eliminate the need to scour the pits of your bags in search of the right cable at the most pressing of times. Simply just slide the card out of your wallet and you are good to go. However, the KableCard is more than just cables. It comes with a SIM ejector pin and a 2 nano-SIM card storage for those occasions when you need to buy a local SIM card. It can also read memory cards and support standard USB ports when you need to transfer files sans internet or email! In a pinch, it can also transform itself into a phone cradle. So you can remain hands-free while simultaneously charging your phone. The KableCARD also features an ambient light function to diffuse the strain that comes with prolonging smartphone usage. A three-stage switch 3000K LED fleets soft diffused light onto table tops to create ambiance. Release yourself from the mess of endless cables by introducing yourself to this slim solution.

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