Justin Case Kayak

Sometimes we all need a break, a refresher or a recharge of sorts. Imagine it’s summer and you just want to drive down to the lake and go kayaking. Sometimes it’s not that easy because a kayak isn’t that portable– or is it? Kayak-1 Because of these frustrations, the Justin Case team tried something completely different: a portable kayak. Considering the size, cost and storage requirements of a traditional kayak, the Justin Case Kayak is ready to change the game by introducing a portable, lightweight and easy-to-carry, folding kayak. It is a kayak you can just throw over your shoulder and go.This portable kayak weights under 6 lbs and folds into a 40 by 5 roll. Kayak-2 Justin Case Kayak is designed for people who want to live in the moment, to be adventurous and spontaneous. This is why it’s perfect for when you are out hiking and you want to paddle across the lake or even when you want to unwind and go fishing. Through precise design and engineering, the traditional idea of a kayak was deconstructed and recreated. The foundation starts with a sturdy carbon fibre frame and a Ripstop skin, designed to be tear and waterproof. Kayak-3 There have been various prototypes before arriving at this final design of a fun, safe, portable, durable and versatile product. The custom fibre frame is held together by custom 3D printed connectors and an outer skin produced using woven nylon fibres with a durable strength to weight ratio. Kayak-4 The kayak can hold a maximum capacity of 300 lbs and is also quick and easy to assemble, with an assembly time of ten to fifteen minutes. This kayak is lightweight, affordable and fun, enabling anyone to have access to an adventurous lifestyle. A regular and traditional kayak could cost you on average over CA $1500, but the Justin Case Kayak is more affordable. Kayak-5 For more information and special early bird rates and included paddles, check out their Kickstarter campaign. Life is waiting, so go make an adventure.

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