Just Another Lamp – More than a lamp

Are you one of those people who feels that more can be done with lamps, but also feels attempts to change are more complex than need be? Well, then you might be interested in Just Another Lamp, the lamp that is most certainly more than a lamp. Just Another Lamp, JAL for short, is based on three main principles: Simplicity, Quality and Purity. It involves the simplicity of design, the quality of materials and the purity of the product’s purpose. This it was kept basic but also gave importance to both glass and light in equal measure. Because of this, JAL can be used in a variety of ways, formats and contexts. These include using a JAL mini in order to fit in small areas, thereby making this useful for both the bedroom night table, or the larger size JAL for use the home office work desk. JAL stands out from other similar lamp products by having each bulb handcrafted. These are made by the glass blower Ferran Collado in Barcelona, using old traditions. The work on each glass is done with such precision and care, that the highest quality is guaranteed to be there. JAL is made in two sizes, but also comes with three finishes that each have their own unique character to them. Different colour and contrast for example, will give a room a very different feeling and mood. The precise work done here, ensures that assembling JAL for your own use is a simple affair and can be done by anyone. The JAL can even be arranged in different ways, by placing the bulb to your specifications in order to get the lighting you want. You can place the bulb in other direction, and the make of the JAL will allow you to then position the lamp just the way you want it. You can learn more about the JAL here.

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