JUISIR: Juicing Without the Cleaning

Juicing, clean eating, and simply loving the taste of fresh fruits and veggies has never been so popular. Nowadays, there are countless products to choose from, each potentially helping us achieve our health goals. That being said, it can seem difficult and even overwhelming to some when wanting the most effective, user-friendly product. Not to mention, motivating yourself to actually stick to your health goals can be a challenge itself. That’s why JUISIR was created. This innovative cold press juicer is unlike any other. First of all, eight tons of force squeeze every single drop of your fruits and veggies to make a higher juice yield of your favourite recipes. Second of all, zero cleaning is required! It honestly has never been easier to get the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need from juiced fruits and veggies. For some, digesting certain fruits or vegetables can be difficult, which is why juicing can be the ideal option, as it allows your body to absorb all that good stuff. juice-3 This cold press juicer features a stylish design and an aluminum case: it’s well made and sturdy. JUISIR allows for minimal air contact and heat production during the process, which reduces oxidation and decomposition of nutrients, keeping all your drinks fresh! What’s great about JUISIR is its commitment to sustainability. The materials are eco-friendly, including the inner bags (in which you place your produce) being made from 100% natural cotton, while the outside sections of the bags are recyclable. You’d also be saving tons of water that’d otherwise be wasted due to cleaning any other big bulky juice-making machine. juice-1 With JUISIR, you could easily (and finally!) accomplish that New Year’s resolution of being healthier. Truth is: it’s difficult to stick to a New Year’s resolution when you have to put in loads of work, especially spending so much additional time washing that mountain-high pile of tools and supplies. That’s why JUISIR is a must-have kitchen essential that allows you to drink tasty juices without having to clean up such a huge mess afterwards. juice-2 It’s never been easier to mix n’ match fruits n’ veggies to create a refreshing morning juice, a mid-day energy booster, or a light evening treat. So, sip up and satisfy those taste buds!

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