JUICED: Wireless Phone Charging Station

On any given day, your phone operates as a bank, social media platform, calling device, computer, and camera to say the very least. With those many things going on, it’s no wonder the battery just can’t keep up. JUICED is a wireless phone charging station that helps boost your battery power back up in no time. It’s simple to use, elegant, and as essential as your phone. This charging station has the ability to charge three to six phones at a time, all cable free. It is also not exclusive to the iPhone, androids are compatible. The way this system works is very easy to understand. Juiced has three slots, the first two will charge the small battery packs while the third can either charge a pack or directly charge a phone. It also comes equipped with a USB for optimal mobility. The three packets are light, minimalist in style, and will fit just about anywhere. They hold the power to boost your phone’s battery by their huge capacity 1500 mAh, and each has LED indicators to let you know when they are fully charged. Not only is this wireless charging system easy to bring around, you don’t have to worry about changing your phone case. It easily attaches to the bottom of your iPhone or android, bulk-free, and conveniently. These lightweight battery packs give your phone an extra 50% boost instantly. The piece is designed to be as light and thin as the iPhone itself, 0.35 inches, and will fit comfortably into your pocket when not in use. Depending on where you are, JUICED can be an essential tool for get-togethers or group outings. If you buy two systems, if allows you to charge up to six phones at a time. Two slots are open, two packets are attached to phones, and the last two slots can fit phones directly onto the wireless charger. Whatever your lifestyle may be, JUICED: the wireless phone charger is here to make sure you don’t miss any time. Check out the full details of this product on their kickstarter launch.

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