Joulies Beans: Enjoy Coffee At The Perfect Temperature

Winter is due to arrive any day now, which means that hot beverages have become our new (or increasingly appreciated) best friends.  Yet, in all their friendly coziness, sometimes we forget that a freshly poured cup of coffee takes more than a second to cool down from its I-was-boiling-just-moments-ago, piping hot state. This, sadly, leaves many of us with burnt tongues and numb taste buds.  On the other end of the spectrum, when people exercise proper patience, hot beverages are more like…tepid beverages.  So what is one to do in order to get coffee that’s not too hot and not too cold?  Simply toss in a few Coffee Joulies, metal beans designed specifically to maintain your coffee or tea at the perfect drinking temperature. joulies_02 (738x494) Tired of scalding their tongues and drinking cold coffee, Dave and Dave of Pennington, New Jersey put their design engineering talents to work.  In just eight months, they produced the first set of Coffee Joulies. joulies_07 (738x487) Composed of a metal shell filled with a unique phase changing material, Joulies essentially takes in the extra heat from your coffee.  At 60°C, the phase changing material inside Joulies begins to melt, or liquefy.  This change in state cases the beans to absorb additional energy (or heat) from your coffee, cooling it down up to three times faster than normal. joulies_03 (738x492) As your coffee begins to cool down, the energy retained in Joulies is then expelled back into your drink as the beans’ interior material solidifies once more.  This means that your coffee stay hotter up to twice as long due to the re-addition of heat. So quit asking the age-old question of how to achieve the perfect temperature of coffee, because the answer couldn’t be simpler: use magic beans…Coffee Joulies, that is.

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