Joi Lens: Lens Kit For Creative Clicking

The Joi Lens is a 3 in 1 lens kit that takes your photography skills to the next creative level. Just clamp the lens of your choice on your clicking device and master the art of taking memorable photos in no time.   Joi-Lens-Kit-For-Creative-Clicking-02 The kit features micro-fiber bag which is easy to carry along and is equally easy to use. With Joi Lens you will always be ready to add that little extra edge to your photos. This remarkable kit includes 3 lenses, 3 lens caps, a microfiber bag and the clamps that attach the lens to your phone or tablet. Joi-Lens-Kit-For-Creative-Clicking-01 To use the kit, all you have to do is simply screw the lens to the clamp and clamp it to your device. The lens fits well on multiple devices, iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerry smartphones or tablets. This small and unique devise comes in a pack featuring ¬†fisheye, macro and wide angle lenses. Joi-Lens-Kit-For-Creative-Clicking-03 Each lens has different functions and you can choose the lens according to the kind of photo that you want to take. The fisheye lens gives the photos a unique touch and way to capture the world with a circular, warped perspective. The Macro captures¬†beautiful close-ups and details. The wide angle adds wider perspective to you photos.   Joi-Lens-Kit-For-Creative-Clicking-04

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