Jardisac: Breathable Garden Planters

These planters are ideal for those who plant on a regular basis or for those who are interested in the field but don’t know a good starting point. Like many life activities, planting can be overwhelming because of the abundance of options you have. With Jardisac pots, it’s extremely easy to plant! Jardisac-planters-05 The Jardisac pots give plants a better air circulation than conventional pots. Looking at the diagram below, you will notice that the roots of the plant in the standardized pot are spiraled, which is not the ideal shape for the roots. The Jardisac planters prevent this. They are designed to let water run through the soil with maximized air circulation. This allows the plants to be healthy and cultivated properly. Jardisac-planters-07 Moreover, unlike heavy conventional pots that are easy to chip and susceptible to harsh temperatures, these Jardisac pots are lightweight, durable, and weatherproof. Jardisac-planters-08 The exterior of Jardisac pots is a resistant canvas that is made of 100 per cent polyester permeable. The interior material used is also 100 per cent polypropylene non-woven geotextile. The two substances are what allows plants to have a more breathable air circulation. Jardisac-planters-02 The interior and exterior of all Jardisac-produced pots are tests against UV rays, and is weatherproof between the Celsius degrees of -30 and up to 70. Jardisac-planters-04 Ranging from round and square pots to hanging ones, these Jardisac pots are available in different sizes. This gives you the versatility to grow any plants you want. These pots also come in many colours. This gives you the freedom to brighten up any place, whether indoors or out. Jardisac-planters-06 You can order from Jardisac here. Transactions are secured by Shopify, which uses 128 bit SSL encryption to safeguard credit card information. Grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc. with these lightweight, breathable pots. All Jardisac products are made in Quebec, Canada.

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