IRIScan: Mouse Scanner

The IRIScan Mouse Scanner functions like a normal mouse but has the hidden feature of transcribing documents like a scanner! With a built-in scanner, users can easily upload documents they have on their desks into the computer in seconds. mouse-scanner-3 With 300 dpi resolution capabilities and embedded OCR technology, the mouse can scan and recognize over 130 languages in clear and easily readable image files. mouse-scanner-4 With all the same properties (like weight and use) of a mouse, the IRIScan Mouse is a handy way to scan paper documents up to A3 by just pressing a button and swiping in any direction. mouse-scanner-2 With the power of document scanning under your fingertips, the IRIScan Mouse lets users upload and edit what’s been scanned. By dragging the document into a text editing application, words will automatically be retyped for further editing capabilities or alternate uses. Video:

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