IPPINKA in Japan 2014

Few weeks ago, IPPINKA toured through Japan in search of new products for the store. We were invited by JETRO – Japan External Trade Organization, as part of an effort to bring hidden gems and local Japanese products more global exposure. We had a fantastic time and are very grateful for their hospitality. IPPINKA is heavily inspired by Japanese design and craftsmanship, so it was a pleasure to meet expert artisans and designers. Check out some of the pictures we snapped! IPPINKA-Japan-10 IPPINKA-Japan-11  IPPINKA-Japan-05 IPPINKA-Japan-02 IPPINKA-Japan-09b IPPINKA-Japan-03b IPPINKA-Japan-01b IPPINKA-Japan-07  IPPINKA-Japan-12 IPPINKA-Japan-13

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