Interlocking Strates Desk

Parisian designer Mathieu Lehanneur has created the Strates desk for Objekten, addressing a major problem of regular desks: desk space. Sometimes, a one-surface table just isn’t enough space for all of your things, and accommodating it all and still having desk space can be a challenge. The Strates Desk is the best solution for storage, using layers as a means of expanding storage space on your desk. interlocking-strates-desk-04 Made out of European birch plywood, each standalone panel will become a shelf when it is interlocked. Interlocking each piece is the simplest DIY process. There is no need for tools, bolts or screws and all you need are the pieces it comes with. The desk comes in three colors: white, black and oak. interlocking-strates-desk-02 Besides multiple storage, the element that makes this desk different from any other desk is that you can continue to add. It’s like creating your own Lego world, but instead of creating a world you will be creating a spacious desk with massive storage potential. interlocking-strates-desk-05 Whether your the cluttered-type who needs organization, or an organizational type who needs more organization, the desk functions as a desk and more, so all your needs will be satisfied. The Strates Desk will let you organize with style.

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