Insta360 Air: Clip-On 360° Camera

Insta360 Air was developed by Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co., Ltd. Founded by CEO LiuJingKang in 2014, the intelligent technology company designed spherical image technology.

Insta360 has become the leader in VR spherical technology, letting us see more through the camera, than what we can see with our own eyes. These products have reached over 90 countries, and have been used for tourism, sports, events, mass media, and conferences.


The Insta360 Air is leading a new era of video technology that will help capture as much as possible, more than photography or any other videography. The all new compact Insta360 Air helps you capture all your cherished moments so you can relive your most fond memories.


Capture grand scenery with the Air. It’s easy to use, gives you perfect surround vision, and enables you to instantly share your videos with your friends. It is also the smallest camera, weighing 26.5 grams and 37.6mm in diameter. It is compatible with multiple Android systems as well as iPhones, and comes in multiple colors.


It also comes with a USB cable that can be turned into a tripod for your Insta360 Air, which can then be used as a panoramic webcam for Skype conference calls and such.


Try out the Insta360 Air and live your world in 360°.

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