Inslip: Phone and Tablet Strap

Be honest.  You’ve been casually lying in bed scrolling through Instagram or replying to a text only to suddenly lose your grip and drop your phone on your face.  We’ve all been there; it happens, and it hurts.  With new device models being created larger than their predecessors, viably keeping hold of them while fighting the force of gravity is proving more and more difficult.  Thankfully, the Inslip phone and tablet strap provides the necessary extra hold to keep your device secure. inslip_01 Inslip is an attachable strap that can be used on just about any phone or tablet.  Created by father-son duo John and Jeremy of Memphis, Tennessee, Inslip seeks to “improve device interaction for everyone.” Using a highly elasticated neoprene material, Inslip works by activing similar to a glove by reversing the traditional grip method.  When your hand is slipped under Inslip, the tension comes from the strap and not your hand.  This way, Inslip does all of the work for you. inslip_03 When not being used, the strap adds but a mere 2.5mm to the thickness of your device, much less than existing rings and other alternatives. The texture of Inslip is also designed to be incredibly slip-resistant, gripping to practically any surface.  Precariously balanced devices no longer have to give you a mini heart attack. inslip_04 Able to withstand up to 40 pounds of pulling force, Inslip is durable and strong to say the least.  Having said that, the installation process couldn’t be easier.  Simply clean the back of your device with an alcohol wipe to remove residue and oils, expose the high bond adhesive strip on one end of the strap, align it and press it down, holding for 30 seconds to ensure proper adhesion.  Do the same on the other side, and then apply pressure on both sides for good measure.  Similarly, the removal process is just as simple.  John and Jeremy recommend using a wrench to carefully grip the adhesive ends, and using a twisting motion to break the adhesion.  It’s that easy. Currently, Inslip is available in four different sizes, ranging from the appropriate length for a small smartphone to a larger tablet.  The creators are also looking to produce the strap in multiple colours. inslip_05 Inslip is more than a phone and tablet strap; it’s the product that will eliminate accidental butter-fingers fiascos.  Surely, your face will be thanking you, and you’ll never encounter another “it slid off the side and now the screen’s smashed smithereens!” disaster ever again.

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