Lip Wristband: Innovative Exercise Wristband

The collection of biometrics has become more and more common today with the emergence of products that have built-in sensors to do so. Nicolas Schmitt has visualized a new use for the future of technology and fitness called the Liv Wristband. liv-wristband-001 In terms of personal fitness, wearables have been all the rage. The Liv Wristband holds an interesting twist – it prevents the user from over-exercising. Many amateur athletes, without the help of trainers, might exercise in the wrong way, which could result in the risk of harming themselves. liv-wristband-002 Hopefully this useful product could alter the staggering statistics around improper exercise: thousands of amateurs die with more than 90% of the fatalities coming from cardiovascular accidents. liv-wristband-004 The Liv Wristband contains a sensor that is capable of syncing to a smartphone app. The smartphone app gives input on blood pressure, hydration, and cardiac output, all based on the information from the wristband. The sensor collects pertinent data about your body that indicates what the user needs at that moment. It might encourage the user to keep exercising, take a break, or drink more water. liv-wristband-005 The proposed design comes in several colors, including blue, yellow, pink, and green. With the need for aesthetic value, the array of colors is bound to appeal to the consumer. liv-wristband-003

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