Innergie 55CC: Travelling Adapter Companion

Innergie 55CC is the world’s lightest and smallest, multi-adaptable charger. It was created with the efficiency to charge cell phones, laptops, tablets and more. With this device, you no longer have to worry about finding multiple outlets or carrying around several different chargers. It was designed with the intention to save the everyday user time and space. The charger is a gaN-powered device. This is a new technology that provides ten times the operation frequency than anything else on the market. Its usage is to have “electronic resistance, minimizes energy loss, and improve charging capability.” This newly patented technology is leading the way with its innovative and efficient design. The chargers dimensions are (1.18″ X 1.18″ X 2.36″) and its weight is 88g. It has a foldable universal adapter, making it travel-friendly and practical. It also comes with six different connector tips for your devices, providing an all-in-one charge for all of your devices. Electronics Inc., the world’s largest power adapter company, designed a 3D circuit to make 55cc. The circuit folds, allowing the device to be compact and light-weight. It has enough power to charge a MacBook in only and hour and a half. It also easily registers when a device has been fully charged. The exclusively made “InnerShield™” protection chip detects if a device is going to overheat and overload. This feature allows 55cc to shut off all charging power, ensuring no damages occur to the battery. The Innergie team created this product with the environment in mind. With over 40 years of experience in this market, they have seen the detrimental effects technology waste can have. When making the 55cc they wanted to ensure the production, packaging, and materials were eco-friendly. To learn more about the Innergie team or to purchase the 55CC charger, check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

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