Inflatable Furniture For Children

Assembling furniture can be frustrating when the instructions are confusing and the images in the booklet don’t look exactly like the physical materials you have on hand. Created by a graduate from Kingston University, the Inflate kit was designed to be fun while you build it. The result is a playful and colourful product that involves party balloons! Inflate kit The idea behind the playful assembling is to encourage teamwork among children “in a time where children spend a lot of time on electronic devices.” Fern Tonyton, the graduate, told Dezeen, an architecture and furniture magazine. Tonyton put emphasis on her aim to stimulate creativity and exploration. She wanted her product to be playful during the assembly process and when the furniture is completed. “It was crucial for the product to reflect the playful nature of the process, so I made it literally playful as a children’s building toy,” she said. The Inflate set comes with a series of beech wood slats with holes for piecing Inflate together. The colourful party balloons are inflated through the holes to hold the beech wood slats together. This type of assembling creates sturdy joints without the use of nails or screws. The playful kit includes an instruction manual that provides users with suggestions of what they can make but are not limited to. The slat holes allow users to attach the wood pieces onto items like chair legs or door handles. This opens a window of creativity for the children. Tonyton graduated from Kingston University for Project & Furniture Design. The Inflate kit was designed with the means of creating a joint or building system through inflated materials. The project explores the strengths and qualities of different inflated materials. The playfulness of assembling the Inflate kit is definitely reflected in its completed form!

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