Duo Coffee Steeper: An Immersive Coffee Experience

Coffee is a highly sought out necessity in the life of a working adult. The Duo Coffee Steeper hopes to make the coffee experience sublime by presenting a new approach to the traditional French press. Instead of transferring coffee from the machine to a flask, this new product is both the machine and the flask. The three-step process first requires the user to add coffee grounds to the top of the apparatus in the upper brewing chamber. After stirring, the coffee is left to steep for four minutes and after twisting the top, the coffee is released into the bottom of the glass carafe. It can then be poured and enjoyed. duo-coffee-001 For a cold press brew, water can be added to the final product and stuck in the fridge for 8-12 hours. Other variations include a Japanese style iced coffee or a classic milk and sugar. duo-coffee-004 The machine contains an immersive extraction steeping process so that there is minimal residue at the bottom of the cup. It also doesn’t require the negative aspects of the pour-over method while retaining the authenticity of its essence. duo-coffee-002 The Duo Coffee Steeper can make up to four cups and remains safe in a dishwashing load. The machine contains a stainless steel brewing chamber and filters along with a glass carafe.

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