Imbue: Magnetic Tea Infusing Vessel

Calling all tea enthusiasts! Imbue Tea Vessel makes it easy to brew quality loose leaf tea on-the-go. Brewing tea is an at-home operation, with multiple steps. Although that cup of tea is worth it, you wish you didn’t have to clear up the trail it left on your counter. Imbue allows you to effortlessly steep leaves both at home and on-the-go. Start your mornings with a single serve loose leaf tea and don’t worry about the mess. This portable bottle travels well and is completely leak proof. imbue-magnetic-tea-infusing-vessel-01 Tea leaves are spooned into the strainer, which magnetically connects to the lid. The lid is then screwed on and the container is flipped over so it can steep.   imbue-magnetic-tea-infusing-vessel-03 imbue-magnetic-tea-infusing-vessel-04 The Imbue Tea Vessel was developed by students from Western Washington University. As members of an industrial design team, they merged individual skills in design, engineering, and graphics to analyze the brewing method to come out with something innovative. In the end, they came up with a product to “simplify and perfect this timeless method of brewing tea“. The container is constructed from shatter resistant borosilicate glass. This works as an insulator. It keeps your beverage hot and your hands cool. The bamboo lid holds a powerful neodymium magnetic ring in it to attract the stainless steel filter that holds the tea leaves. This is covered by a permanent food safe leak proof silicon gasket. It also comes with a removable sleeve made from natural insulated fabric, complete with a no-slip suede interior lining allowing for maximum grip. Whether you like your tea hot or cold, Imbue makes it easy to take anywhere. It also doubles as a sleek water bottle after all the tea is gone, making it a great multi-use product for tea lovers everywhere.  

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