iLand Everywhere Portable Solar Generator

Going into the wilderness is fun – the sense of adventure, adrenaline rush, and the feeling of being one with nature. Improved solar power technology over the years has enabled longer excursions. A Swiss company, for example, has developed an ultra-efficient portable solar generator that harnesses energy even in cloudy or rainy weather.


iLand Everywhere is designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions – dust, water and shock. The whole package consists of two compartments. First, there is the battery pack. Second, there is a tube container that houses the flexible solar panel, LED lamps and various connectors.


When not in use, the two compartments would simply connect to each other, while an integrated shoulder strap makes it even easier to carry.


Assembly of the generator only takes a few minutes. Open the container, pull out the contents, unroll the solar mat, and setup the mount. The solar panel can provide up to 32W of power, while the battery stores up to 16Ah. At just 100 x 19cm, this is definitely one the most powerful solar generators for its size.



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