Ikeuchi Organic Towels

Ikeuchi Organic Towels, established over half a century ago in 1953, is a Japanese based organic textile company which prizes itself on creating products whose exceeding quality and method of production does not compromise the social and natural integrity of our world. ikeuchi-organic-towels-02 Central to the company’s ethos is a manufacturing process whose course enriches the livelihoods of the various people involved in it and which all the while does not jeopardize the fragile balance of our environment’s ecosystem. ikeuchi-organic-towels-03 Amongst its many endeavours to maintain the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability the company abides by strict EU accreditation criteria, has its procedures ongoingly evaluated by third party organizations, and — by virtue of complying with class 1 of the international OEKO-TEX standard 100 — creates towels which are safe enough for a baby’s mouth. ikeuchi-organic-towels-04 The result of this deeply conscientious approach is not only sustainability but also variety. The range of towels offered by Ikeuchi is impressively large as well as versatile: from super absorbent and ultra light towels like those within the “Organic Air” line, to luxuriously soft yet uncompromisingly durable towels comprising the “Organic 7” line. ikeuchi-organic-towels-06 The chart below is a useful guide in choosing the towel with the characteristics most important to you and your needs. ikeuchi-organic-towels-07 Two noteworthy lineups of towels are those of “Organic Gauze” and “Organic Air,” both of which are made from fair trade, hand picked, non GMO cotton. ikeuchi-organic-towels-08 Composed of four robust layers of organic certified cotton, the gauze towels are delicate in touch, and will remain feeling soft even after repeated washing. Offering a sense of purity and hygiene characteristic of gauze, these towels are engineered to retain their shape and delicacy for years to come. ikeuchi-organic-towels-09 And, with the new gauze blanket, you can now enjoy the delightful sensation of gauze in bed. ikeuchi-organic-towels-10 The defining feature of the towels within the “Organic Air” lineup, and one which took countless tries to develop, is their unparalleled lightness. Consider this: a 1m long bath towel weighs a mere 160g. That’s almost weightless. ikeuchi-organic-towels-11 Still, the gossamer-like feel and mass of these towels does not compromise their incredible resilience and absorbency. ikeuchi-organic-towels-12 Mostly all of the lineups offer a range of convenient sizes, and colours which were naturally pigmented using herb and plant extract dyes. All in all, Ikeuchi Organic Towels offers truly exceptional products, revolutionizing towel technology while at the same time improving social and economical standards of production. ikeuchi-organic-towels-13

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