Iconiq Qore: Stackable Insulated Food Container

Stack your cold and hot dishes in one insulated food container. With Iconiq Qore, you can simultaneously keep your cold dishes cold and hot meals hot without either interrupting each other’s temperatures. food-container-Iconiq-Qore-02 This is really a one-of-a-kind stackable food container because of its limitless potential to stack multiple (like more than 10) Iconiq Qore sections—if you ever wanted to. See below. food-container-Iconiq-Qore-12 This food container by Iconiq has four styles and sizes as follows:
  1. Qore Mini (10 oz. capacity)
  2. Qore Standard (16 oz. capacity)
  3. Qore Stack (two sections with 10 and 16 oz. capacity)
  4. Qore Bottle (two sections with 15 and 16 oz. capacity)
food-container-Iconiq-Qore-09 Each style comes with a carrying handle and a foldable spork. This makes it extremely easy to carry your lunch around while having all utensils in one place. food-container-Iconiq-Qore-06 Iconiq designed this convenient food container to be durable and functional. Iconiq Qore containers are 100 per cent BPA free and are manufactured using stainless steel. Each segment is protected by a layer of double-wall vacuum insulation, which ensures that all your food (hot and cold) will retain its temperature for a long period of time. Iconiq Qore is ideal to those who won’t have access to refrigerators or microwaves. This insulated food container can keep hot dishes hot for up to 6 hours and cold food cold for up to 12 hours. food-container-Iconiq-Qore-04 Iconiq Qore will also never leak so you won’t have to worry about mobility causing spills. food-container-Iconiq-Qore-05 The stainless steel components that Iconiq uses to craft Iconiq Qore is a high-quality and reusable material that will last a lifetime. The company also guarantees a lifetime warranty. The spork is also manufactured with stainless steel and is located at the bottom of each Iconiq Qore. It is sealed with a screw-on base. food-container-Iconiq-Qore-03 The exterior of Iconiq Qore comes in seven colours and you can even mix and match them. food-container-Iconiq-Qore-11 The colours are rose gold, ocean blue, navy blue, jet black, slate gray, purple and red. food-container-Iconiq-Qore-13 With Iconiq Qore, the company wants to “encourage consumers to eat better while helping the environment at the same time.”

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