ICAROS: Virtual Reality Fitness

Whoever said playing video games would turn you into a couch potato must not have tried the ICAROS--a fitness machine that combines fitness and gaming for an innovative and exhilarating workout!

Designed to simulate a flying experience, this $8,000 full body workout machine offers a fitness experience that is literally out of this world! After being fitted with VR goggles and taking up a plank-like position with knees and elbows in the cradles of the machine, users are taken on an immersive flying experience through a mountain valley.

The controller on the handlebar enables players to tilt forward and backwards, roll side to side, and swivel and shift the machine to direct the flight path.

While users don’t need to be techies or gamers to use the machine, the fun ride provided by the ICAROS is not without some muscle burn. The control needed to direct in-game movements ensures that all muscle groups including the chest, shoulders, abs, neck, triceps, lateral abdominal muscles, quads and calves receive an amazing workout.

In addition to sculpting and building muscle, the gaming component of the ICAROS offers a mental workout that helps improve balance, coordination, concentration, and reflexes.

The ICAROS includes everything but the smartphone–the fitness machine, controller, and Samsung Gear VR headset. Users can plan their workout around different games offered by the company (some of which include a motorcycle race, an air fight, a multiplayer air race, and a submarine obstacle run). Each game includes specific training modes so players can choose levels depending on their fitness ability.

Ready for a workout of a lifetime? Flip you VR headset down and let the ICAROS transport you to an exciting digital world that will have you flying through the clouds and swimming with the fishes all while building some serious muscle. Once you experience the digital world of the ICAROS,  you’ll never want to step foot on the treadmill again!

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