Hydro Hammock: Floating Hammock Bathtub

The Hydro Hammock is a floating hammock bathtub that gives you an ultra luxurious bathing experience. It gives you pleasure of being in a bathtub anywhere you happen to be. Swinging in the middle of nowhere in your own aqua-abode is something worth experiencing for sure. Hydro-Hammock-01 Like any ordinary hammock, you can enjoy the Hydro hammock bathtub outdoors while camping, at beach or out in the wild. Even at your backyard on a lazy afternoon, its like a suspended bed filled with water – what can be more relaxing? Hydro-Hammock-02 Made from a sealed, high tensile-strength synthetic fabric, this remarkable hammock can carry the weight of two adults with 50 gallons of water, though normally 20 gallons of water is sufficient for satisfying use. So you can easily adjust the weight by adding more people and fun. Hydro-Hammock-03 It is always recommended to tie secure and tight knots onto a sturdy tree for safety when you are using the hammock out in the natural environment. The set comes with a portable LPG based water heating system that’s lets you regulate and the temperature as required. Hydro-Hammock-04 Perfect for the outdoor fun with family, or quality time with yourself, the floating hammock provides a luxurious hide out.  You can relax and take a nap in the nature while sitting in a warm water bath. That’s luxury at its best. Hydro-Hammock-05

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