Hybrid Chair: Two Step Relaxation

By November 30, 2017 IPPINKA BLOG, Product Stories

Have a specific chair for lounging and a different chair for sitting at your desk? Why not have both in one and save yourself some money and space! Everyone needs time for both work and play. The Hybrid Chair allows you to quickly transform your laid-back lounge chair into a more upright and rigid work chair.

Transformation takes no time at all! For those with a busy schedule and lots to do, this is the perfect chair for you. The Hybrid Chair is suitable to read, relax, and lounge in – and when it’s time to work, simply pull the seat upright.

The chair comes with comfortable armrests and when in lounge mode, the seat will sit at a slightly slanted backwards angle. The frame of the chair is made from locally sourced solid oak wood for sturdiness and strength. The chair comes in four main colours: green, coral, blue, and grey. A variety of other colours are also available. Each colour is neutral and will fit seamlessly into the atmosphere of any room.

The Hybrid Chair comes in two different options: the comfort option and the deluxe option.

Switch between lounge and work positions by hand with the comfort option. The deluxe option operates with a hidden lever and can be set at any height. Users are able to stay seated while lowering the deluxe hybrid chair!

A matching footstool is also available to come with the chair. Flip the cushion over to reveal a side table- perfect for placing books, drinks or snacks on. Together, the footstool and the hybrid chair presents a flexible and diverse furniture system!

For more information, visit their Kickstarter  or watch the video below.

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