Hush: Smart Noise Canceling Earplugs

Being a chronically sleep-deprived society, we are constantly adjusting and becoming complacent to the noise that surrounds us. Unfortunately, most noise-cancelling devices and earplugs available today fall short of providing a true escape from sounds that need to be blocked. Inventor Daniel Lee approached this conundrum when trying to grapple with noisy neighbours in college. Lee and his partners, Daniel Synn and Daniel C. Lee, developed a clever device to provide a tranquil and anxiety-free solution to manage noise. Hush Smart Earplugs are the anywhere, anytime, quiet provider. Hush-01 Unlike conventional earplugs that merely muffle sound, Hush regulates sound through form-fitting materials and smart technology accessible through an app on your smartphone. All of this packaged into two tiny, lightweight earpieces. The material and design buffer noise and this, partnered with a choice of ambient frequencies, builds an environment that provides a virtual sense of isolation whether in a sitting, standing, or reclining position. Because Hush is so highly portable, it is the ideal solution for students in a crowded dorm, a passenger on a noisy flight, or at home for couples with different sleep patterns. Hush-02 The Hush notification filter enables users to allow or block certain alerts or contacts using the Hush phone app. This is ideal for different alarm clock settings and, more importantly, eliminating anxiety associated with oversleeping. In addition, the Hush recharging case is discreet and easily fits in a backpack, purse, or briefcase. The Hush case is capable of up to 10 charges without plugging in due to integrated rechargeable batteries. The case also features a useful USB port allowing you to charge your phone as you charge your Hush earplugs. Each charge powers the Hush up to 10 hours. Hush-04   Video:

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