Hull: Semi Private Sofa

Have you ever wished for just a bit more privacy when reading, relaxing, or making a phone call? If so, the Hull Sofa is just what you need. Created by the multi-award winning Vancouver-based design studio, Knauf and Brown, this sofa is truly one of a kind. hull-sofa-03 The Hull Sofa features extended back slats¬†with a wrap-around body. This allows users to privately work or converse, without entering an entirely new space. hull-sofa-07 The white ash slats were designed to look like grass, and allow people to see in but not see completely what’s inside. The designers wanted to ensure that people passing by could still see whether or not the space was being used. This way, it can prevent others from barging in to confirm whether the unit was occupied. hull-sofa-01 The sofa is large enough to fit multiple people, but can also be used as a lounge space for someone who needs a bit of rest. This truly unique piece is ideal for offices, learning centres, airports, and more. hull-sofa-02

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